Music Production

Bahood Records has a standard pro recording studio that specializes in the production of Music, soundtracks,voiceovers..etc We have experienced engineers that specialize in a wide variety of genres of music and instrumentals ranging from Western popular genres to African genres. we also Mix, and master pre-recorded songs and demos

Video Production/Cinematoghraphy

We specialize in shooting, directing and editing professional standard music Videos. We also produce shoot films and documentaries.

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Beat Bank

This is our online store where we sell a wide variety of music instrumentals, soundtracks and beats with hooks. Better still you can contact us for your own very customized instrumental. An instrumental done from scratch with you own very harmonies and melodies. The Music begins with us and we make bring ideas to life.



Bahood Records is an international audio-visual company that specializes in pre and post production of music/sound and music videos. We offer mixing and mastering services to songs that have already been recorded.

We have been active in the multimedia and entertainment scene for 14+ years now and our company continues to grow as time passes. The first branch of this company was established in Cameroon, Bamenda, West Africa and now we have a branch in the USA and we aspire to open more branches to achieve our ultimate goal of promoting the rich cultural diversities of the world through music and motion pictures.

We have a recording studios, in cameroon and USA, and video production studios too. We also have a Record Label in the company that signs, produce and promote artists.

Our company has had the pleasure of working with and grooming many successful artists and producers in Africa the likes of Achalle, Magasco, DJ Pazzo, Ambe, Ghetto Prince, Fanka and a host of other great artists.


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