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The art of  creativity and the love of music is a factor that make us enjoy our work everyday. For 14 years now, at Bahood Records, we look forward to everyday with high hopes and great expectations. This makes us treat our clients like family. We strive to satisfy every client not only by making sure that they have great quality output on their projects but also dedicating the amount of time needed to give the project its best possible outcome. We are only satisfied when the customer is satisfied!

We do not end at the level of production , we ensure that we provide the client with knowlege(if neccesary) on the 'Hows' and 'what' to do after the project is completed and also how to get the best possible results. Our team of engineers and customer love working in our stress free studios making great music all the way! We do not rush the client because great works need time. Bahood Records has avery condusive and friendly work atmosphere. Book a session with us and let us bring your ideas to life.

Our Story

Bahood Recorded was founded by Emmanuel Atanga in 2003 while studying in the university. He started with a small home studio in his one bedroom apartment where he worked when he came back from lectures. He later on married Kerry Donald who shared the same passion for culture and music. Together they built a recording company in Bamenda, Cameroon, West Africa.

Taboh Bernard Later came on board as an artist manager. After showing powerful management skills in the running of company affairs, Emmanuel and Kerry then left him in charge of the company in Africa as the Director, and moved to the United States to establish a branch of the company. They also intend to create a network that will blend and promote both western and African culture through the medium of music and music Videos.

Meet the Team

We love culture and we love music. Changing lives one person at a time and changing the world through music and motion pictures is the key factor that drives our dedication to our clients.

Mister L

Manny "Mister L" Atanga

Founder & CEO


Kerry Donald

Vice President

Big Bora

Bernard "Big Bora" Taboh


Bahood Records Africa

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