Bahood Records Presents Chyna Diamondz

Diamondz Forever

Out Now In Online Stores

Bahood Records is proud to present R&B’s latest diva. A master of soul. The one and only Chyna Diamondz with a fine tuned instrument in her vocal abilities, Chyna Diamondz released her debut in May 2017 entitled Diamondz Forever  Produced by 2LEBeatz.

Her music comes not only with a soulful exterior, but also with other spices mixed in. Hints of pop, Afro, and hip hop can be found throughout her music. All resulting in a new school flavor that fans are sure to crave Chyna Diamondz for her start in local talent shows in Chicago. All of those helped groom her when it came time to audition for ​American Idol and ​The Voice

Since then she’s found her way from the Windy City to Des Moines where she has found a home with Bahood Records.

An up and coming label, is an independent company that started in West Africa and has since migrated to the USA. Now they have studios in both countries. Working with a-list acts where they started, they are starting to groom new talent in the states, starting with Chyna Diamondz.

Chyna Diamondz is currently promoting her debut release while simultaneously working on the follow up. She won’t be in the studio the whole year as she will be heading out on the road, and possibly to Africa, to promote ​Diamondz Forever.