Since emerging on the scene as an Artist of Bahood Records, Equinox[X] has worked tirelessly to not only put his stamp on the Music Culture, but to redefine what artistry means. While acknowledging his ability and roots in lyricism, he has coined the term "Word-Smith" for  himself and works to build on his skill set and master all he can in the Culture itself.

Throughout the year 2017 Equinox[X] has  released hits such as: 'Move Around', 'Whippin' While I'm Ridin', and stone stares, which will soon be released with a visual later this year. He has also partnered with organizations from his home town to create events such as Knox[X] from the Basement.
He has also worked behind the scenes of many other events locally and nationally.
Being influenced by generations of artists and free thinkers seeking to improve the world for the better, he drew his influence from a various range of artists. Some of those artists include
Busta Rhymes, Andre 3000, Xzibit Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Mick Jenkins, Ray Charles, 2Pac, Marshall Mathers, and many others...